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Who is Moon Bey?

/mo͞on/ • /bā/

Moon Bey is a best-selling erotic contemporary author from Connecticut, USA.

Since self-publishing in 2019, she has released titles that encompass both the praised and despised sides of Black life, love, and intimacy. Known as 'The Quickie Queen', attributed to her affinity for short storytelling and the namesake book collection, the contemporary stories in her catalog promote introspection and free-thinking in readers.

"I write daydreams that turn into comfort reads.

The type of books you can’t wait to share with your girlfriends, use as reference in an argument with your family or send excerpts to your lover.

My books are where delusion and grandeur often walk hand in hand. And sometimes, reality joins in as a third wheel. These books are likely to contain pure lust, high drama, intricate crime, and low violence unless someone deserves it.

My books are for the ones who love to float but know to remain grounded. The ones who take pride in their body and how and with whom they choose to use it.

My books are for readers who seek deeper truths no matter the heartache. For those who love to escape between the pages.

These books are for the girls who believe it’s possible to have it all—money, freedom, the perfect lover(s), the family, or the selfish life you desire even if it has to be written down in ink.

A Moon Bey book is for one who embraces their uniqueness through their fears. The ones who love differently and deeply, but are told to remain uniform and shallow.

For the readers who feel the same rush you got entering the library as a child for the first time when you browse for eBooks. For the ones who simply enjoy reading for leisure.

You're in the right place, lovely."

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